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Paddle Wheel Aerator

Paddle Wheel Aerator

Paddle Wheel Aerator

PROFLEX® - Oxygen transfer.

The paddlewheels feature high-efficiency through motor  and high-quality gear reducers to ensure a long service life.

The frame, drive shaft and hardware are 304 stainless steel,

All compatible with salt water. Power cable not included.  The Standard Aeration Efficiency is approximately 4.1 on all models (see Tech Talk 4). Paddlewheel aerators are an excellent choice for medium and large ponds where movement of oxygenated water away from the aerator is most important.

The entire unit, including gear reducer and motor, has a one-year warranty (warranty requires the gear oil be changed after the first 3 months.


Get more oxygen for less money. Fight back against the growing power bills with the new technology in paddle aeration

Higher speed for more efficient oxygen transfer

Higher and wider splash pattern

 Smaller droplets, more surface area for better oxygen transfer

50% plus more water displacement for same power consumption

Less power consumption for the same O2 output or same power consumption for more O2 output  Adjustable impeller with patented parabolic design

Motor is much lighter, thus easier lifting and cartage of paddlewheel

 Longer life of gearbox due to 3 teeth engaged between worm and wheel drive as opposed to the       conventional 2 teeth in other paddlewheels

 Floats and motor cover are made from HDPE – longer life and more durable

12 month warranty


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